Lights! Cameras! Talk!

“Would you like to be a guest on our online radio show?” asked the host.  “Yes, of course!” I replied.  I can talk about almost anything.  Maybe, he missed the part about me being an only child.  I enjoy conversing about various topics.  Even though I had no clue about what to expect when preparing for an online radio and Facebook Live show,  I did recognize an opportunity.  Also, I could gather more material for my book about dating and relationships over 40 and divorced.  The host of the show, a local comedian, and I started to discuss the importance of this topic and decided on a show date.   He wanted to do the show the following week but I needed to prepare for it.  We pushed the date out only a few weeks because I wanted to have a place for the viewers and listeners of the show to stay connected with me. So, this was the reason I started this site.

I’ve thought about creating a site over 8 years ago but it just never worked out.  Either I didn’t have the funds, the time, the motivation or the resources.  I guess I needed to live through more experiences life had for me to share with you.  In preparation for the show, I begin researching being a guest on an internet radio show.  Of course, I found an overwhelming amount of information across the internet.  There was soo much information I didn’t know where to start.  I selected bits and pieces of information from each article.  I sent a short and extended bio to the host as well as a list of suggested questions to be used on the show.  By the way, many of those questions were not asked the night of the show.  It was all freestyled.  We just went with the flow which turned out to be more authentic and fun. It felt so natural to me. I felt like I was in a living room with friends talking.  There were no caution signs.  We wanted to keep it real.

We discussed divorce, dating, forgiveness, marriage and relationship counseling.  We even had some laughable moments about bodily functions.  The listeners and viewers of this new online radio show hit a record high discussing this topic. I hope this show provided those who are 40 and/or divorced and dating moments of laughter and realization that they are not alone in their experiences. Also, I hope the audience heard at least one thing that will make their life better.  I can’t wait to finish my 1st book.

On the show, I mentioned that I’m in the process of writing a book about “Dating and Relationships Over 40 and Divorced: Lessons Learned”.   The book will be a collaboration of shared experiences and the lessons learned by both men and women.  The last chapter of the book will be a surprise.  I look forward to continuing this much-needed discussion on several social media outlets to gather diverse experiences.

As I look back over this experience, I learned that when opportunity knocks it’s good to be dressed to open the door.  I’m glad the window stayed open for a few weeks for me to prepare but if I had to do it in one week, I’m sure I would have been ready.  Also, I realized that I wasn’t ready for this opportunity 8 years ago.  Now was the right time.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to express myself freely through the art of communication.

This opportunity has inspired me to start a podcast.  If you would like to share your story and/or be a guest on my podcast to discuss this topic or how you are living a creative life, please contact me.

Here is the link to view my appearance on the show:  Vee + Curt’s Comedy Chapel ShowRadio Appearance

Here is the link to entire show including commercials:  Vee + Curt’s Comedy Chapel Show (Full Version)

Thank you all for your support.  Special thanks to KELZonline radio and Vee + Curt Comedy Chapel for taking a chance on me being a part of their show.

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