How to Be Successful with Your Life’s Vision

As I begin to write this blog, my eyes are tearing up.  Last year on Oct. 28th, I posted the blog How to Create the Life You Desire.   After my intensive personal growth retreat and some additional research, I wrote a vision for my life and implemented a new practice with it.  In that blog, you can find a link to the vision I wrote for my life.  At the time I wrote it, it would be an experiment and I had to practice ‘Faith’.  Yes, believing in things I could not physically see.   The last sentence in that blog I wrote “Let’s see what happens in our lives in the next 6 months.”

“The proof is in the pudding.”  Did you know that phrase is an old proverb?  The original proverb is “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” which means that you had to try out food in order to know whether it was good.  As I take a deep inhale and exhale, I am glad to say that after 6 months (late April), that most of my desires written in my Vision has become a reality.   I tried writing down my vision for my life and it was good.  I’m shaking my head and smiling as I type these words.  I hope that you give it a try if you aren’t living your desired life.  I will share with you what I did after I wrote it down and the feelings surrounding this life changing event.

As you can imagine, a lot can happen in 6 months but I will focus on the areas that will help you be successful with your life’s vision.  Here are the 3 easy steps I took:

Step 1:  Write Your Vision

  • Be Creative – Add your photo, make it your favorite color, decorate it
  • Pretend your desires are happening and include 3 senses in your vision for your life
    • how you see yourself
    • how you want to be heard
    • how you would feel
  • Date and Sign Your Vision

Step 2:  Make it Accessible

  • Uploaded it to all my electronic devices (cell phone, iPad and personal home computer)

Step 3:  Read It Out Loud

  • Imagine it happening
  • Imagine your feelings
  • Smile while you are reading or thinking about your Vision

Now, even though these are 3 easy steps, there were challenges.   Sometimes, I would worry about what wasn’t working out.  At one moment, I felt stuck.  I felt anxious.  I felt discouraged.  People were letting me down in many areas of my life:  living situation; career; family; friends; finances; myself.  I felt alone and confused.  Why me?  I wondered how long I would have to wait until things got better.  Whenever I felt down or lonely, I had to make a choice to keep on moving.   Songs would come to me to encourage me.  Here’s one I listened to often:  Keep on Movin’ by Soul II Soul.  Read my Vision.  I would read it multiple times in a day.  Sometimes, I would read it through tears over and over until I felt better.  Also, I would meditate on it.  I must be honest in stating that I did not read my vision every day for 6 months.  There were weeks at a time I did not read my vision.  But each time I thought about it, I would pull it up on my phone and imagine.  I believe that I read it so much in the beginning that it was in my subconscious and my spirit.  I knew what it would feel like.  I would just imagine being in a better place and smiling as if it was happening.  So, if you were driving next to me and saw me smiling or laughing in the car, I was just thinking about my beautiful future.

When the New Year rolled around, I took myself out to dinner and stayed at a nice hotel in Arlington, VA.  I felt like 2018 was my season of living out my vision.  I was physically alone but not really alone.  I was learning to love myself.   I looked back at where I had been and where I was at the start of this year.  Oh trust me, I did meet people and had a great New Year’s Eve.   I reminisced on all the lessons I’d learned since my personal growth retreat. During this alone time, I planned my 1st trip to Atlanta, GA to visit family including a cousin I never met in my life for the first time on my Dad’s side.

Now, if you’ve read My Vision for My Life you can check off what has happened in 6 months.  I must say things were working out behind the scenes as soon as I completed my Vision.  Fast forward May 6th, here are some of the items that are now a reality:

  • My interactions with those I love is what I desired. I appreciate those handful of true friends.  I was able to experience joy, happiness and support from family and friends in planning my Mom’s 70th Birthday party.  I wrote “In my interaction with those I love, I experience joy, happiness, acceptance, value, trust, love and support.”
  • I have moved from living in someone’s basement into my own place. It has everything I desired and more.  The name of my place is called “Serenity Place”.  It has a gym, library, movie theatre, piano and yoga studio.  I wrote “In my home I feel peace, serenity, love, inspired, free, safe, warm, thankful and happiness.”  Need I say more.
  • My finances are much better. I wrote “My relationship to money feels free, awesome, rewarding and satisfying”.  I started a new job that included a pay increase and other benefits in January.  I was able to hire a Health Coach for 3 months.
  • Oh, I got a new car too.  I didn’t have that in my Vision. I guess I got a bonus.

There are so many other things that are going well for me right now.  I am grateful.  I know trials and challenging times will come but I am better prepared more than ever to handle them in a less stressful way.  I am a living witness that creating a Vision for Your Life can change your life for the better.  I’m looking forward to all the other desires to become a reality in my life time.  I will probably update my Vision for My Life in the near future.  For now, “I am content, joyful, satisfied and pleased with life” I wrote in My Vision for My Life.


May You Obtain the Desires of Your Heart