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Stephen McNeal: Creating Your Family Ties

Creative Living show hosted by Sherry ‘Queen She’ Burden – Inspirational Conversations on Health, Relationships, Mental Health, Creativity, Youth, Spirituality, Forgiveness, Self-care, Creating Your Own Reality and so much more. Guests include Comedians, Authors, Health & LIfe Coaches, Personal Trainers, Spoken Word Artist, Poets, Musicians, Dancers and more, Segments: Evening Quote, Words of Wisdom, Throwback Thursday, Action Step and musical entertainment from your host.

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Being Your Authentic Self Over the Holidays

As I thought about what I should write about this evening, I felt overwhelmed with providing the right message for this Holiday Season.  What I realized is that there is no right or wrong message when it’s coming from my authentic self.  I am practicing living an authentic life.  I recently completed a week-long healing…

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