7 Creative Ways to Traveling Solo

I’ve always dreamed of traveling, capturing moments and sharing my adventure with others.  After my recent unplanned Labor Day Weekend Getaway, many questioned what made me go on a trip alone.  The only response I could provide at the time was that I felt an urge to travel more NOW.

After finding a well-known fraternity organization on Eventbrite who was holding their annual Labor Day Weekend charity event.   As a solo traveler, I was offered a few perks such as sitting at the guest VIP table by the President of the Organization.  He was honored that I chose to spend part of my weekend with his organization.

Here are 7 creative ways you can start traveling solo:

1. Find an Organization Charity Event

Find an international organization that is well known or you share a common interest that is hosting an event as a charity fundraiser.  I found Eventbrite to be very helpful in finding my solo-travel destinations.  You will have the following benefits:

Tax Write-Off

Self-Satisfaction (Helping Others)

Event Planned by Organization not YOU

Discount on Tickets (Group Rates)

Discount on Hotel (Group Rates)

2. Travel During Holidays other than the Major Holidays

Take short trips around the Holidays by taking off at least one day off work before or after the Holiday which allows you to take full advantage of the mandatory day off for most jobs.

Choose from More Events and Activities

Celebratory Atmosphere (People in Good Moods)

3. Create Your Personal Travel Story

You can create your travel story through journaling, recording video or audio, and/or capturing photos.  By doing one or more of these, you can reap the following benefits:

Stress Relief

Check out this article by Carolyn Gregoire –  Traveling Alone – 5 Stress Relieving Benefits

4. Go with the Flow

Traveling alone can inspire you to explore avenues you may have never thought of pursuing or may have thought of but felt fear or judgement. When traveling alone, you can ‘go with the flow’.  Examples of going with the flow are:

Be Flexible

Let Go of Inhibitions

Meet New People

Stay Open Minded

Take Naps

5. Spend Time with Nature

Finding time to spend by water is very relaxing for me.  As I’ve mentioned before in blogs, being with any form of nature can provide the following benefits:

Relieves Stress

Relaxes You

Clears Your Mind

6. Visit a Person, Place or Thing that Supports Your Gifts and/or Talents

If you are interested in Music or Art, attend a museum that focuses on your interest.  Since I’m a lover of music, I decide the night before to drive 2 hours to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  One evening I was Googling some of my favorite artists who came out of Pittsburgh, PA and found out that the Andy Warhol museum was less than 1 mile



Andy Warhol Self Portrait

   Visiting these destinations inspired me in so many ways to continue being me.  These visits inspired me to continue being me and that dreams do come true.   We are all here to create.

7. Share Your Experience

Take your creative stories and share with others in hopes that it will inspire them to live a creative life and not to be afraid to travel alone.

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 Click on Image to See My Traveling Solo Part I Video – Labor Day Weekend 2017.

Bon Voyage,