Benefits of Investing in a Health Coach

3 months ago I decided to support a very dear friend who decided to start a new venture as a Health Coach. The

most exciting part about being part of this new venture was that she was 80 years old and still finding ways to live a creative life. Yes, she still has a job during the day working with the youth in the public school system and obtained her Health Coach license. She is working on her Life Coach license. For many years I’ve talked among friends about getting a Health Coach but for some reason the timing was just right. I was moving into my own place soon that had a gym and yoga studio in the building; I had completed the very intense personal growth retreat; and I was in the midst of working on my health and fitness plan. My personal health coach, Ms. Shirley Breedlove (dare2dream), has known me since I was a young child in church. I took piano lessons from her mother. So, I felt very comfortable working with someone who knew me on a personal level. So, I signed the contract to invest and commit the next 3 months to improving my health.

“Are you ready to begin your Total Transformation?” asked my coach. I said “YES!” over the phone. The first couple sessions was more of a mental preparation and learning some techniques. We set goals, intention and discussed motivation factors. My goal was to get into a pair of jeans within the 3 months. I placed a picture of a pair of jeans on my phone and at my office to motivate me. After the first session, my coach always started our weekly sessions with the following questions:
What went well for you since we met?
Did you have any challenges?

I was always very excited about sharing what went well.  I was able to resist the doughnuts being brought into the office; cut back on having an alcoholic drinking when I went out to dinner; prepare more meals at home; change how much I ate when eating out; cut out cheese and other diary products and coffee; split my meals into two meals (get a to-go box before I started eating; going to the gym 3 times a week; and learning to enjoy every meal by chewing slowing and not multi-tasking while eating. Another area of my life that this coaching reminded me of was the importance of ‘breathing exercises’. I learned many breathing exercises years ago in Yoga class and most recently in the Hoffman Process. I had forgotten how breathing impacts your digestive system. Breathing properly has so many benefits.

My biggest challenge was consistently drinking water 64oz. I did my 104oz the first 3 days and then dropped to 64oz. For me, that was really good. I use to drink only 16 -20oz a day. As long as I’m between 64oz and 104oz, I feel the difference in my energy and skin appearance.

Three months out of my life was worth it. The Total Transformation 90-Day Intensive program lasted 3 months. Learning what impacts my health and fitness goals was very rewarding to me. I understand it is a lifestyle change. I don’t go on diets or cut food I like totally out of my meal plans. I’ve learned how to plan what I eat and when I eat. So, that I can eat that doughnut. Most of all I know why I may be craving that doughnut.

The moment has arrived to hear about the results. I am able to get in my size 8 jeans and many other clothes I was unable to fit at the beginning of this transformation. I lost 10 pds but several inches in my waist, thighs and arms. I was wearing a size 12 in March and now I’m down to sizes 8/10. I can fit some of my size 8. The most important fact is that I’ve learned how to live a healthier life so I can continue to enjoy life as I get up in age.

I found it very helpful in reaching my health and fitness goals by investing in a Health Coach. 2018 is my year of transformation in all areas of my life for the good. I’m looking forward to my 50th birthday. Not sure what I’m going to do but I believe I will be looking and feeling better than I did last year.

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