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Playing Trumpet

Playing a Musical Instrument as a Child

Learning a new instrument keeps the mind sharp.  In my welcome video, you can see that I’m no expert at playing the piano.  What you hear me playing is Ludwig van Beethoven’s  “Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor” or better known as “Fur Elise”.   I learned this song while taking piano lessons at the age of 9 which lasted less than 3 months.  For some reason, a few songs stayed with me after so many years of not playing.   Well, I am planning to revisit my love for the piano by signing up for some lessons this Summer.  After some lessons, I will come back and play for you.  My goal is to play the piano and sing for my 50th Birthday Celebration.  Yes, like Alicia Keys, Jamie Fox and Adele to name a few.

Remember music class in elementary school.  In music class, we played one of the following instruments: the recorder, the triangle or that piece of wood and stick you simply hit.  I will never forget “Mr. Carter” who taught me how to play the clarinet in the 6th grade at Carver Elementary, which later sparked my interest in playing the saxophone.  Did you know that playing an instrument as a child boosts your executive function, teaches cooperation, develops fine motor skills, strengthens the communication between the right and left sides of the brain, promotes stress relief, enhances social skills, builds maturity, encourages self-discipline and improves memory function?  Well, now we do.

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument After 40

Some of you may have stopped playing your childhood instrument because it wasn’t your choice.  Well, guess what, we are no longer children.  We can pick whatever instrument we want to play.  This includes some of the following instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, drums, congas, harmonica, trumpet, flute and even a DJ.  Many benefits can come out of playing a new instrument especially if you are single, divorced, windowed, dating or your house is now quiet because the kids are no longer in the home.

Check out this TED video explaining how playing a musical instrument can provide many benefits to your brain: Music and the Brain

Have you started learning or playing a musical instrument after 40? If so, share with us why you chose that instrument.  If not, which instrument would you like to learn?

I hope this blog has inspired you to learn a new instrument and make a joyful noise.

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument After 40 Table

Benefits QueenShe’s Interpretation
Increase Social Skills Pick up line in a room of Musicians

“What Instrument Do You Play?”

Increase Your Memory Can I say “Pre- Menopause”?
Improve Self-Esteem You Got the Power
Improves Coordination, Mathematical, Organization, Time Management, Reading & Comprehension Skills You are Hired!
Self-expression & Relieves Stress Dance and sing to “Happy” 

by Pharrell Williams

Enhances Your Respiratory System Just Breathe

Your Brainiac,