I Vote for Me

During an election, we take out the time to excercise our right to vote.  An election is a group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office.  Also, it is a process that is used in private and business organizations, from clubs to voluntary associations and corporations. It is a form of democracy.  It is a moment to exercise your freedom.  People spend time learning about the candidates background, beliefs, patterns, track record and many other areas of their life to help with their voting decision.  There is usually a period of time that the voter has time to learn about the candidates. I know you have figured out where I’m going with this.  Yes, we can treat ourselves like a candidate running in a race called “Life”.  Let’s take out the time to excercise our right to live the best life that life has to offer and be your own candidate.  I vote for me.

What does a vote for me really mean?  How do I vote for myself?

A vote for me means…learning about myself and making changes to be a better me.  One way to learn about yourself is understanding your childhood.  Taking a close look at the most influential persons in your life as a child.  These are usually your parents or surragates.  Think back to what made you happy and what made you sad as a child.  Be grateful for the happy times and find ways to heal from the experiences that made you sad, upset or angry.  Write these things down if you want.   You may recognize patterns and beliefs that you learned from your parents and/or your environment.  To receive help in the areas you need healing, I recommend getting professional help.  You can attend personal growth retreats like the one I attended last year called “The Hoffman Process”.  It was a very intensive but rewarding 6 day program that changed my life for the best.  I discovered many things during that process.  I will write about that experience later.  Remember a candidate race is over a period of time. So, don’t expect to learn about yourself and heal overnight.

Don’t let your past define who you are today.  During an election period, skeletons come out the closet or not so nice memories.  When you vote for yourself, you will have to ‘put in the work’ with those experiences.  Don’t let those negative experiences cause you to fear and drop out the race.  Think about how those experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.  As the opening words in one of my favorite songs by Mikki Howard, Experience is a Good Teacher”.   The important point is to do your best to learn from those experiences.  As you discover the good, bad and the ugly about yourself, don’t give up!  Realize this is a new time.  You are voting forward.  Be patience with yourself.   Remember you get to vote.

During this election period, others will try and make you feel that your vote doesn’t count.  You will be shocked by the people you thought had your back turn their backs on you.  People will say you don’t have the right look, you aren’t the right size, not enough education, you’ve never been married, you’ve been divorced, you don’t have children, you’re too old, you’re too young, not the right religion or you don’t deserve a better life.  Don’t let anyone take away your freedom to choose.  Only listen to those around you who are encouraging you to make your own choices – Vote for yourself.  Even in official elections, the candidate gets to cast a vote in their own election.  I would only hope they vote for themselves.  Just know that you are perfect just the way you are – no converting necessary – thank you.

Also, a vote for me means loving who I am.  While you are running the race, you will discover some gifts and talents that you’ve always had since childhood.  These gifts and talents have always been a part of you. You may discover you are a great communicator, designer, teacher, leader or writer.  Use these discoveries about yourself to encourage yourself to continue the race.  Implement these gifts and talents during your race to encourage others to continue in their own race.  If you need assistance discovering your gifts and/or talents, there are many books, questionnaires and sites you can read to help you.  Check this one out: Discovering Your Hidden Talent. The great thing about this election is that you decide if your vote will count.   I vote for me.

Counting on Your Vote